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ReEnvision is a facilitator for urban revitalization projects primarily within Greenwood County, Kansas.  As a company, they are currently working to bring leasable space for artists and small business to the community as well as residential opportunities within the downtown environment in hopes to increase services and urban activity.  


In collaboration with the Small Town Studio, a graduate studio within Kansas State University's School of Architecture, ReEnvision strives to elaborate upon and bring  5th-year student projects to fruition within the town and streetscapes of Eureka, Kansas.  Current projects underway include:

  • Josh Goldstein (2013): Main Street Streetscape

  • Josh Goldstein and 505 Design (2013): Eureka Signage Package

  • Ramin Mahmoudian (2014): Eureka Bike Lanes


In addition to student projects ReEnvision, and the Eureka Studio are focusing on the following community efforts:


  • Greenwood County Information Kiosk

  • Greenwood County Historical Site Brochure





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