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Health Science 


ReEnvision has extensive background designing for healthcare environments.  We understand that designing for the patient experience is imperative for healthcare spaces which strive to improve healing, health and patient satisfaction, however healthcare design as a whole is highly restrictive in terms of codes and regulations, systems, material selections, and function which makes for a unique challenge in balance.  Designs must maximize efficiency for staff, so they can provide the highest level of care while reducing infection, wait times, and miscommunication. Design must also allow patients to feel in control of themselves and their situation through the use of effective wayfinding, adding comfortable homelike touches, and creating opportunities for daylighting and natural elements to be introduced into the experience.   


As a firm, we understand these complex needs and will work with you to ensure the goals of your facility are met for both staff and patients.  


Van Buren County Hospital, Keosauqua, Iowa


Van Buren County Hospital is located in rural community, Keosauqua, Iowa and serves approx. 7,400 county residences.  The work below represents work complete for the hospital and their clinics:


  • Campus Master Planning

  • Capitol Campaign Marketing Material

  • Spatial Validation and Square Footage Funding Reports

  • Interior Finish Master Plan

  • Wayfinding Implementation  

  • Carpet and Paint Renovation/ Updates

  • Mammography Clinic Addition / Renovation

  • Community and Day Center New Building - 30,000 SF


Children's Mercy Hospital, Kansas City, MO


Children's Mercy Hospital purchased a 10 story high rise building in Kansas City, MO to serve as the primary off campus clinic.  The project involved a complete building renovation in the form of space planning and design, documents and CA. Below is the work completed for this client, primarily at this location:


  • Lobby Renovation - 3,000 SF

  • Radiology Department - 5,000 SF

  • Pharmacy and Lab Department - 10,000 SF

  • Public Break Room / Vending Area - 1,000 SF

  • Endocrine Clinical and Offices - 20,000 SF

  • Allergy Clinic and Offices - 20,000 SF

  • Ophthalmology Clinic and Offices - 20,000 SF

  • Children's Mercy North - Hearing and Speech Clinic - 6,000 SF

  • Children's Mercy Hospital - Pershing Offices - 40,000 SF

  •  Ronald McDonald House - Basement Renovation - 1,200 SF



Senior Living
  • Garden's at Jackson Creek, Independent Living Community, Independence, MO

  • Santa Marta Catholic Retirement Community, Olathe, KS

    • Assisted Living Addition

    • Memory Support Renovation

    • Skilled Nursing Addition and Renovation

    • Physical Therapy Addition

*Photos Courtesy of WSKF Architects. 

*All work listed performed at WSKF Architects
*All work listed performed at WSKF Architects
Greenwood County Hospital, Eureka, KS


Greenwood County Hospital is a critical access hospital providing service to Greenwood and Elk Counties in rural Kansas.  The hospital is a approx. 48,000 SF with 16 patient beds.  Work with the hospital is ongoing.  Below is a list of completed and ongoing projects


  • Home Health B uilding

  • Hospital Landscaping, Signage and Wayfinding

  • Family Room Renovation & Furniture Procurement

  • Patient Room Renovation & Furniture Procurement

  • Master Interior Finish Plan

  • Mechanicl and Building Evaluation


*All work listed performed at WSKF Architects

*Renderings Courtesy of WSKF Architects. 

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